Mentor Application Form

Rivers to Success: Mentoring Indigenous Youth

1. Personal Information
2. Career Information

Please upload a copy of your resume with this application. Please note only documents in PDF format will be accepted.

Please provide a brief description of your hobbies and interests. This information will be considered during the matching process.

Please describe what you have to offer a student and what you hope to gain as a mentor.


7. Learning Areas

We have identified four major learning areas as a guide for matching mentors to mentees. Please rate your preference from least preferred (1) to most preferred (5).

Hidden rules of the workplace, managing diversity, workplace barriers and how to build networks to overcome those barriers.

Problem solving, facilitation skills, negotiating, coaching, interviewing, synthesizing, conceptual thinking and decision making, identifying workplace issues and needs of the workplace, focus and time management.

Addressing multiple sets of demands and needs at home and in the workplace, finding ways to avoid potential conflicts and/or managing and reconciling work/life conflicts, managing priorities, managing complexity, managing "the worry factor" - what happens if you fail, managing for consistency in the organization.

Building workplace interpersonal relationships and finding ways to leverage them, organizational, professional, and interpersonal dynamics and how the functional areas of an organization need each other to succeed.